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About us

Company „Fetras“, established in 2000, keeps the traditions of industrial felt production in Lithuania since 1940 and offers:

Technical felt and non-woven fabrics for:

- polishing metal, stone, glass;
- sealing, oiling;
- oil-seal and seal production;
- sound and heat isolation;
- machine production industry; 
- furniture, wood, textile, footwear industry;
- constructions, energetics, transport.

Geo-textile for: 

    - reclamation and drainage mounting;
    - dumping ground equipment;
    - descent and ground consolidation;
    - basin and pond base mounting;
    - road building;
    - parallel roofing;
    - building material storage in open grounds.
For footwear:

- liners and insoles;

For baths and sauna:

- hats, caps, gloves and other accessories;

Various products for reclame and souvenirs.

We take various special orders according to customer’s needs.
Our material may be delivered in rolls, sheets or cut as desired.
By agreement we deliver production to the address as indicated.
We offer service to individual people, small and major companies.